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Patricia Mannion is a qualified Master EFT Practitioner, Kundalini Yoga Teacher,
Family Constellation Therapist and qualified in Pranic Healing levels 1 and 2. She has now amalgamated her skills to promote health and healing.

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My name is Patricia and I started out working my way up to a comfortable and worthwhile job without going to college and I thought this would fulfill me. I have always had the feeling there was something missing as I did not have a college degree. I thought that when I had a good job I would fill that space. Well that did not happen.

I was invited to attend a Family Constellation Session once.  I knew nothing about it.  I was blown away, as to how much I was carrying emotionally. that was holding me back from my true self and how this was so connected to my family and ancestors.  I was in awe and also wondered how amazing FCT was and how easy it was to connect and feel what went on in my family of origin, that I was also carrying. From that day on I wanted to help myself and others to release sadness, anger, disappointment, shame, and guilt, to help raise our frequency to a place of deep fulfillment.

I studied Pranic Healing to understand my energy system and how to keep it in a health state.  From there I studied Kundalini Yoga and qualified.  I went on to study Emotional Freedom Technique and became a Master practitioner.

From my experience if we do not work on our root cause of our issue i.e. not being good enough, not deserving to be happy, no one loves me etc., then these beliefs will hold us back from moving forward in our lives, to experience true happiness.  If we carry this energy within, this is what will be projected out to the Universe and this is what will come back to us.

As a therapist it is my dream and goal to help people to find out their core beliefs that are running their lives and help release any resonance and then change the script that is running in sub-conscious mind to a positive script.

Welcome on board to a new journey of enlightening yourself to your true self.

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