From  time to time we organise events and shaking retreats. Please check the calendar on the right.

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Ratu Bagus Bio Energy Shaking Meditation-Yoga Retreat

Ratu Bagus Bio Energy Shaking Meditation-Yoga Retreat coming up 9th – 12th June 2017 based in the West of Ireland, held in Lough Lannagh Village, Castlebar, Co. Mayo. Friday evening to Monday lunch time.

This is our 9th annual retreat and I am delighted to help faciliate this retreat. This practice is like taking a concord flight rather than a bicycle. It is a very fast and powerful method of connecting to source and bypassing the mind while raising our frequency to attract into our lives abundance, love, joy and play. We are energy beings and we need to recharge everyday. Just like a mobile phone if we use it we need to recharge it. Shaking yoga faciliates recharging our energy system which in turn takes care of our mental, emotional and physical body. Check out Ratubagus.com for testimonials and information.
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Physic-K workshop

Physic-K workshop coming up next March facilitator Rita Soman for USA. (Date to be finalized) I am really excited to bring Rita to Ireland to share her story and experiences that helped changed her life to one of abundance, good heath and living everyday from a place of joy. Rita discovered Physic-K when she asked the question “How can I change my life”. She was introduced to Physic-K by Dr. Bruce Lipton who has written a book on ‘The Biology of Beliefs’ which are formed from the time we are in our mothers womb to the age of 7. These beliefs systems run our lives unless we change these scripts that are running in our sub-conscious mind.
Physic-K is a method of changed our believe systems. Check out her web site for more information.


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