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F.C.T. helps to move stuck energy with in the client which can be done one to one or in a group setting. This movement is called movement of the Soul and the founder of this work is Bert Hellinger from Germany.

The process consists of the client filling out his family tree with the Patricia and then explaining their issue. More often than not it has been found that the same issue was with a previous family member (grandfather/grandmother/aunt etc).

Each member of the family, including those who are absent through death, separation, miscarriage, still birth or abortion, are energetically present in the family structure and affects other members.

Similarly, the unexpressed emotions of the family members are also present and may be carried genetically by the client. Through F.C.T. unresolved issues are revealed and healed in this simple yet profound process.

In group work, the client works first with Patricia to establish who needs to be in the constellation and where the issue stems from with in the family. Secondly, the client will look to the group and choose representatives for their constellation and place them intuitively in the room that is appropriate to the situation. The representative tune in and begin to feel the emotions, fears and desires of the person concerned. The client sits with Patricia and watches what takes place. In the meantime, Patricia will work with the representatives and check to see how they are feeling and express this in a positive manor. Through this method disharmony comes to light. In a very remarkable and astounding way, the true story of the family is expressed and clearly seen for the first time. At a certain stage the client is brought in and takes the place of her representative and feels what it is like within the constellation. Usually, the client will feel much more energized and a stronger flow of love from her family members. Energetically this works forward and backward through the family and continues to work over the next 6 months.

The result of the constellation for the client is usually a freedom of movement in their own lives where they can easily move their lives in the direct way they are focused on.

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