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I have known this amazing woman for over 6 years. I would whole heartedly recommend a healing session / family constellation with Patricia. She is thoroughly dedicated to her own practice and journey and has the ability to offer deep insight, encouragement and useful, practical advice to those she works with.


I attended Patricia for a 1 to 1 family constellation & found it had a profound effect,assisting me in shifting old boundaries. A session on the crystal bed after was amazing. Thank you Patricia.


I attended Patricia for family constellation. I had some issues around my parents and found peace and some clarity as to what was causing the issues. we did a lot of work on myself and relationships with others going back as far as possible. it was challenging but great work and emotional release. I have a real sense of freedom and perspective on this. many thanks Patricia.


The shaking practice profoundly changed my life.  I cleared many unresolved issues from the past and am more peaceful and trusting. I am forever grateful.


I want to thank Patricia for helping my five month old baby. He had difficulty in rotating his neck. We had many visits to osteopaths and cranial sacral therapists over the weeks all helping but there were no significant improvements from them. Within three to four days after my first family constellation session I noticed a huge shift and his neck problems have improved nearly 100 %.   Its kind of hard to believe how family constellation can help with a physical issue but it did and I am ever so grateful to you Patrica and the energy.


After having a one to one constellation with Patricia my relationship with my mother greatly improved and some long standing issues were resolved. Would recommend Patricia highly for the work she does.


I love Family constellation therapy, relaxing on crystal bed and love Patricia, who is wise, loving, insightful person. I highly recommend her.

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